Andrés Acosta

The Divine Presence

Eleven. Eleven dresses. Eleven talismans brimming with energy that pay tribute to the woman. The coalescence of an eleven year journey in the wake of a star hurtling towards its destination.

It’s the brightest star in the sky. Its light guides you from above and envelops you with its blazing, consuming fire. A covenant between earth and sky which grants you the glory to glow. It’s the radiance of the spirit. The divine presence.

The heritage of sewing allows for fluent handling of fine, colorful silks. Hand embroidered with delicate crystals and precious gemstones, they draw shapes that flow from the imagination, embracing the body and uniting with the soul.

The gaze upon tomorrow captivates a dream. Eleven dresses move full of life, unbreakably bonded. Now in her, divine presence resides.

Your spirit wears you when love becomes design. The luxury surrenders. The essence reborn.

Andrés Acosta